Saturday, 25 February 2012

True love has no conditions ♥

So "Firework by Katy Perry" was kinda like the theme song for this years Confirmation Camp or shall I say retreat. It was really awesome. Felt like I was in form 5 again. Haha. So yeah. Anyway, believe it or not, I actually shared during one of the sessions. Yes, I talked in front of like 80 people. Felt damn nervous. But like what Pat said it's not for you or them. You're doing this for God. And like I guess God really did help me cause I didn't prepare anything beforehand. I just stood in front there and talked. And if you ask me now what did I say, I don't even remember. It's kinda like God was speaking through me. Really awesome feeling, trust me. And I also read this short passage which I thought really suited the situation. But please cut off all the bads words kay :)

Anyway, besides all that, we also had other sessions on friendship, particular friendship (courtship), sex and sexuality and parent/child & child/parent. I had to facilitate Group 5 with Shaun. My group wasn't very open at first but I guess they opened up after a while. I had Joy, Bryce and Rueskha in my group. Most of the sessions that we had today was nothing like what I learnt last year during my Confirmation Camp. Like they say, you learn something new everyday . My favourite session was definitely the session on particular friendship by Teacher Joseph. It just really got me thinking of how I have looked at my passed relationships and stuff.

Here are like a few of the notes which I was able to jolt down :)

♥ True love has NO CONDITIONS.
♥ A good relationship is Free, Total, Faithful and Fruitful
♥ Sex is made to be Unitive (a sign and pledge of spiritual communion) and Procreative (open to life)

And of course there was the COURTSHIP PYRAMID :D

And then here are 10 steps to keep your relationship pure :) ♥

  1. Pray for purity. Three Hail Marys are a great way to do this.
  2. Avoid impure relationships before they begin.
  3. Once you're in a relationship, avoid places and situations in which you're likely to fall into sin.
  4. Know your boundaries before you are tempted and make sure your date knows them before you even date the person.
  5. Choose friends who will help you grow in purity.
  6. Double date or group date with friends who have high standards.
  7. Get rid of impure music, magazines and TV shows.
  8. Listen to advice of your wisest friends and family members.
  9. Try to go to confession at least once a month.
  10. Lastly, if things are going too far,do not be afraid to say "NO!"

So basically, all in all as Shaun said it was a day well spent. Delicious food. Made a few new friends. And discovering a whole lot more about God.
Amen :)

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