Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Just because you gave birth to me, doesn't mean you own me.

I don't know how to start this but I guess I'll start by saying no offense to any parent that's reading. It's just my point of view on this subject. I find it very irritating that parents always think they know best. I mean I get it that they are older and wiser. But sometimes they do react without thinking about their kids feelings. I mean, my dad always use to tell me to think before I spoke or reacted but he never practiced that. He slapped me twice for telling the truth. And my mum, well, she just screams at me without thinking. She doesn't think that maybe I have it harder than her. That I think about everyone's feeling before I make a decision. It sucks really.

And then there's the whole controlling issue. Like seriously, I know you wanna keep us from getting hurt but the way that you're doing it is not appropriate. How do you expect us to be independent when you don't let us make a decision on our own? We need to grow and make our own mistakes. Yes, you gave birth to us but that does not mean you own us. We are not your puppets.

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