Friday, 1 June 2012

Here's to the past – My last goodbye :)

Five months have flown by. And I think it's time. To finally let go. Here's to the laughter and tears we spent. Here's to all those memories that use to hurt A LOT. The final test would be to see you face to face. I think I need a bit more time with that though. I didn't even realise that I stopped hurting. That's how little I think of you these days. Haha. It's funny actually. I thought I would never get over you. It's like I finally found that peace that I was looking for. I'm just so happy right now and even the thought of you can't ruin it. I mean I still have “what if's” but I guessed I realised that it won't change anything. I've quit trying to fix the broken pieces. So maybe I sometimes want karma to get you back for all the hurt you caused me but I hope that you find that loves you. Hope she makes you happy since I never. And I also hope you become a successful lawyer someday. Haha. Still can't imagine you arguing in court. Lastly, thanks for sharing with me stuff that you most probably wouldn't share with anybody else. I'll remember it cause it made me feel super special at one point so yeah. Haha. OMG I almost forgot. Thanks for bringing me to that playground beside the library. I didn't even know it existed before you brought me there. You just sat there patiently while I played at the swing. Oh and the last time we went for a movie. You watched that movie so many times already but you still went for it again cause I wanted to watch it. Sleeping on my shoulder cause you were so bored and sleepy. I felt on top of the world. Anyway, tears are starting to spill. Promises were broken. I tried. You tried. But we weren't meant to be. So here's to everything that was. Hope karma gets you. Haha. Just couldn't let my ego down ;)

PS : Wanna hear of a miracle? I couldn't bear to delete all the messages. My phone had a software problem and everything got deleted. Talk about a sign to get over him ;)

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