Friday, 6 July 2012

But even the sun sets in Paradise.

It's gonna take a lot of time. Ages in fact before you finally get over him. But I promise you that it will happen. He will become a part of your past. Just keep persevering. It will all work out in the end. He's just not worth it. You deserve way better and I'm sure you know that. Yes, things will never be the same. You're attached to him. It's not your fault. You wanted it to work out. But he changed for the worst. And you're still hanging onto something that is disappearing fast. He's not making you a part of your life anymore. Why make him your priority when he only makes you an option? Just hang on there babe. We'll both be there to catch you. Even when you push us away cause we have been there. We'll be waiting for you cause we love even with everything you've done. Miangs for life ;)


PS : You can perasan that this post is about you now. Haha xD

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