Sunday, 12 August 2012

Excuse the rumours, let me introduce myself ;)

Form 5's got confirmed today. Woo-hoo! They looked so smashing. Especially my B. Hehe. Gonna miss them though. Felt like it was just yesterday that I started helping out. Time really flies by. It's already August. Gosh four more months and I'm turning 18. I'm getting old *sobs dramatically*

Anyway, ignore my meltdown. Haha. I met so many people yesterday. Honestly I've never met that many people in one day. It was kinda exciting. I dropped by Digital Mall to send my camera for repair cause it decided to have a bath. I met Latha there so we took a cab to Amcorp. Then of course I stopped by Chia's (FYI : I go there every week!) to check out some blouses and I met Pn.Anu from SSP. OMG!!! I wanted to like jump and scream like a little kid. I miss her. And those counseling sessions. Haha. She was my favourite teacher. And she recognised me after like 6 freaking years. It was really nice. I hugged her. Felt like I was hugging my childhood. It was so overwhelming. Oh btw I bought this really cute black top. I also met Shashi, my facebook friend. He actually recognised me. So cool. Wait, who doesn't recognise me right? (Perasan moment) Haha. He said I look better in person. Do I? I always thought I looked better in photos. I also met Jaja and Juju's mummy. She was like asking me what I bought and stuff. Then on the way home in the bus, I met Manesa. She looks so grown up and pretty as usual. I also met Michelle which happens to be nothing new right? Hahaha. I'm such a meanie. Oh I almost forgot I saw those guys who called us on stage the other day and they were like come on stage and dance again yeah. Like what the heck. Hahaha.

Then in the night I went to Old Palace aka Eric's place. Wine was nice. The food was even better. Mimi kept on teasing me with Rayan. Haha. What a joke. But we both are total food junkies. He was kind enough to give me the last piece though. So sweet.

So thats all for now. Don't wanna bore you. Nights and candy dreams.
Huggies :)

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