Sunday, 7 October 2012

I don't need a man to make it happen I get off being free :)

I've been so caught up trying to get over him and stressing over work that I didn't realize it's been 10 months. 10 months of freedom. 10 months of now worrying that I'm gonna get a phone call saying it's over or that there's someone else. 10 months of focusing on myself and it feels good. It feels really good. I finally found the balance with all the crying and laughter. I've found that happiness which I longed to have. I found me. The girl who use to be so strong and caring at the same time.

And other people noticed before I ever did. Shocking right? Sofiah was telling me you really don't need a guy right now. You're fine without one. And Michelle was like I just realized you've been single for 10 months. And last but not least grandma realized it too. She told mummy that she notice that I don't go crazy over guys like how I use to. She's seen how I just talk to any guy I meet and there's like no tension.

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