Thursday, 28 January 2016

Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel (:

Hello readers it has been awhile hasn't it? And I made it one of my new year resolutions to update my blog more frequently. Anyways, my latest thoughts have been on long distance relationships because let's face it everyone thinks they will have their happy ever after until someone moves further away from the other. I am not saying distance makes or breaks a relationship but I have got to admit it tests your relationship to a whole new level. Even I just came out of the long distance relationship thing when my boyfriend came back a month ago. Yes it was like between states which is like a 5 hour bus ride away but when you are so used to seeing someone almost every day, you will feel the pinch.

There were a lot of couples who I looked up to for their long distance relationships especially when my boyfriend decided to go to Penang for his internship. To be honest, I never thought I could handle long distance. A lot of people I knew couldn't handle it and their relationships ended so I just thought no, this is definitely not for me either. So when the bombshell dropped and the pleading and begging ended, I was left on my own all alone within my four walls. Yes I survived that 5 months but it definitely wasn't easy at first. There were days I would wake up crying and countless of nights sleeping on my tear-drenched pillows. Like I said earlier those couples were kind of like my pillar, their random trips back to surprise their significant other and all the random stuff that they posted on social media to show how much they miss each other. But most of them didn't survive in the end :( I don't know how and why it ended but trust me I was shocked when I realized they were no longer together, pillars are not invincible after all.

The one thing which I learnt while being on this LDR was that I can stand on my own. And there will be times when you need to make decisions for yourself, for your better good, so make the right choice. Because to be honest yes we all want our happy ever after but life isn't a fairy tale and prince charming doesn't exist so you gotta be your own hero. Relationships mean putting the other persons needs before your own but make sure it works both ways. Loving yourself is more important than anyone else because you have to deal with the person in the mirror not anyone else. This is pretty much everything that came into perspective during those 5 months. Maybe some relationships are sweeter than the rest but never lose yourself in the process.


  1. This was a good post. It's true that one has to be their own priority even if they're in a relationship. I learnt that earlier this year. Sorry that your LDR didn't work out and I'm glad you appreciate the lessons your relationship taught you. Loved your post!

    1. Hi dear, thank you for reading my post =D LDRs definitely teach us a lot about relationships. I'm still together with my boyfriend, it's just that it's no longer LDR cause he's back from Penang btw xD