Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today I am wearing the smile that you left me with ♥

This OFFICIAL Means War people. Haha. Just kidding. I'm just so happy today. Trying to spread all this love and happiness I'm feeling. I had the most awesomest day ever. Hehe. And I can't stop smiling. I think my mum thinks I've got nuts. Lol. I'm officially love drunk. Anyway, I know you are freaking clueless about what this love drunk girl is talking about so let me elaborate. I went out with Him. Hehe. We met up at Asia Jaya and then we went to Times Square. We watched a movie and ate and stuff. Hehehe. So yeah. It was awesome. Freaking awesome. And he told me that he loves me. Hehe. He even ditched work just for me. I don't know what is better than that. I'll be starting work tomorrow. My first real job. Hope I can actually understand what their actually talking about and not laugh from my drunked-ness. Wish me luck. Muacks :)

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