Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just look up, we are both under the same starry sky :)

Just got off the phone with Ethan. It's really nice talking to him. I mean, not in a lovey-dovey way. It's just nice to know that they are people out there who are going through the kinda same thing you know. That love isn't just a word. There are people who really do appreciate and mean it. Love is such an amazing word actually to think of it. It carries so much of emotions. You can either cry or laugh at it. It makes the world go round. It makes people continue living in pursuit of that ultimate bliss and happiness. So totally awesome when you really think about it :)

Anyway, I'm listening to "Talking to the Moon" by Bruno Mars and "Here Without you" by 3 Doors Down on repeat mode as usual. It has been my lullaby to sleep I guess. Wish that person could sing it to me. I wonder what is he doing right now. Probably think about some chick or something. While I'm here thinking and blogging about him.

I've decided to give myself a week. To cry and wail and do whatever I want. Then I'm gonna pack everything into a box and pass it to my friend. I think thats the only way to cure myself. I've got to move on. It's gonna hurt but I have to do it. Not only for me but for him too. I mean, I'm sure he thinks I'm like so desperate and stuff. Just wish he loved me even a little bit :( Is that really to much to ask for? I love you. I always will. I know I need to get over you but I can't. It hurts so much. I cry every night to sleep. I'm so tired of all this. Please just. Oh gosh I don't know. I miss you. I just want you. I just can't take it anymore :'(

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