Sunday, 29 April 2012

People called it SCHOOL we called it LIFE :)

I had the best weekend ever. Meeting up with the ex-sspians after 6 freaking years on Saturday. We watched Avengers and played pool. Eventhough there was only like 12 of us, we had so much fun. Whoever couldn't make it really missed out. Can't wait for the next reunion.

Then today I was kinda sad cause he told me that he wouldn't be able to attend class. I didn't even bother to dress properly. Just my AYN tee with jeans. But then we started texting. And I was smiling like a freaking idiot through the whole class. I didn't even bother to ask anyone to keep quiet. And Kev and Jon kept on teasing me. I couldn't help blushing. Haha. I kept playing with his wristband while waiting for him to reply my texts. And that was how it went on for the whole day. We just kept texting. And the fact that he actually cares about what I'm talking about. Oh gosh. He's so sweet.

You wanna know the best part about this weekend? I went to sleep with a smile on my face and woke up with it to. I didn't think about someone. It's like for a moment there I totally forgot that he even existed. Well, at least I did till I meet up with Michelle and Sugar at Amcorp. I mean it's not like I'm blaming them but everytime I see them, I think of someone. It's kinda painful in a way cause I just love hanging out with them but the memories of that person comes flowing back. It's like a freaking flashback of everything that happened and what could have been. Like Sofi said, he's the only cure.

But I don't agree with her anymore. Cause I might have just found a remedy. I found someone who cares about me a hell of a lot more than that douche bag ever did. And I think I might possibly be falling for him :)

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