Sunday, 27 May 2012

I want to be your last call of the night, and your first thought in the morning.

He asked me to be his girlfriend!!! Like OMG!!! I almost died. But, um, I said no. I know I'm the most idiotic person on planet earth right now. I love that boy but I'm not willing to give up my single life. No wait that a lie. I would give up anything for him. I'm just scared to screw things up. I don't wanna fall and get heartbroken although I know I'm already on the right road to getting my heart broken. Screw it la. I want him to be mine. He's everything I've ever wanted. He makes me laugh. Only thing is he doesn't like me wearing shorts. Haha. Bet he'll die if he sees my mini skirt collection. *sigh* I'm staring at our picture right now. He's just so adorable. Haiz.

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