Friday, 25 May 2012

When I was a kid, I loved my teddy bear. But now you are the only teddy bear I love and want to hug for a lifetime :)

I totally forgot to blog about this yesterday. I went to Subway for lunch cause my mum had the subway voucher Buy 1 free 1. Hehe. Was so excited cause we haven't been there a few weeks cause we were both under the weather. So as usual I ordered my Turkey and Chicken Slice sandwich with lettuce and cucumber with mayo, chili, bbq and thousand island sauce. Then when we were at the cashier counter, we ordered soup and ice lemon tea. So obviously the cashier will have to pass me the cup to fill my ice lemon tea right? That fella was staring at me and smiling. Hahaha. Damn funny wei. And I stared back at him waiting. Then he looked at our tray and realised he didn't pass the cup and was like "Oh sorry. I forgot." Hahaha. Malu siut. And I just took the cup, poured the drink and went to my table. Even Pink started laughing when I told. My mum and her actually dared me to go to the counter to see if he would pass me another coupon. LOL wei. Oh yeah wanna know the best part of all. I told him about what happened and he was like "tell that bugger to watch out. tell him to keep his eyes to himself". OMG! Like so freaking sweet right? Haha. My mum was like "he should have just sadi the guy blind or what". Party pooper. It was so adorable of him to say that. Most guys I went out with wouldn't give a sh*t. Gosh I love him :)

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