Monday, 7 May 2012

It's about that very moment when you're doing something and wishing they were right there with you ♥

I miss him. A LOT. And it's only been one day. Oh gosh. He didn't text me. Must be busy studying for his exam. I wanted to text him but I didn't want to disturb him so yeah. Hope he does well in his exam (:

Daddy called me today but as usual my phone was on silent mode so I didn't hear it. I've got to stop doing that. What's the point of having a phone when you can't hear it ring, right? I called him back (wasted 18 cents btw!). He wanted to meet me but since I was "busy" as usual, he said he'll meet me tomorrow instead. Oh the joy when I told mummy and grandma. The usual grumbling went on.

Anyway, work was okay as usual. The dreadful Monday blues. I got two mini heart attacks cause of that stupid jack in the box on my desk. I will screw Rayan for leaving it there when he gets back form NS. That stupid thing popped on it's own. Thank goodness I had food in my mouth so I couldn't scream. Jaycee helped me put a rubber band around it. Freaking creppy wei. Popping out of the blue.

PS : It's not my fault he is my favourite topic to talk about Sofi :P

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