Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Life is a song. Love is the lyrics.

It's a holiday. Labour's Day. My first time celbrating it actually. Haha. Woke up to his message GOOD MORNING <3. Gosh life just can't be more perfect right now. He's giving me more reasons to fall in love with him everyday :)

I followed mummy to the clinic for her check up. Dr.Kavitha wanted to see me. It's been ages since I last saw her. She's was advising me and stuff. What I really like about her is that I can trust her to not tell mummy what I'm telling her. And she really understands what I'm going through unlike mummy. I know that mummy is trying her best and all that but I still need my father no matter what. I don't want to have any regrets if anything happens to him. Anyway, Dr.Kavitha was saying that I need to find myself. Get to know me. Why do I react in whatever way and all that. I almost cried honestly. Cause I know I gotta dig deep. But the thing is I don't want to find whatever I'm suppose to find. It hurts.

I want the best of both worlds. But mostly, I want it to be how it was. I know it wasn't perfect but I want to have a normal family life. I'm lost half the time when my friends talk about their families. Sometimes it feels as if I lost a parent or something. I'm tired of making everyone happy. I want to be happy for once. I just don't want to lose anything else.

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