Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Life is what you make it ;)

Totally forgot to update about the weekend yesterday cause I honestly was not in a good mood yesterday. Actually I haven't been in a good mood since Sunday. This week is turning out to be pretty bad. Anyways, nothing much happened on Saturday. Bought McD breakfast for my mum and grandma. Dropped by at Paradigm Mall to check out some clothes. They have Nichii, Kitschen and Cotton On all in the same row. Talk about a way to kill me. And it's like 10 minutes from my office. They really are trying to kill me. Haha. If my mum wasn't working in the same place, I'll probably end up there everyday. I was suppose to go swimming with the Satu Chicken Berapa geng but some of them couldn't make it so we canceled. I ended up spending time at my second home Amcorp with Joy and Crystal. Bought a purple hoodie, red checked blouse and cheetah print spagetti. Then daddy brought me for dinner. Usual silence and stuff then he sent me back.

Then came Sunday. My favourite day of the week. I saw him. Hehe. We hugged and held hands for a short while but yeah it totally made my day. But then AJ just totally went out on me that it's not appropriate and all that sh*t. It really pissed me off. I've hugged Ethan and other guys before and it's not a big deal but just because I like him so it's a big deal. Like what the hell. And then she told NY's friend about me liking him and they actually went to the class to check him out. He came back saying that he looks like a small kid and all that sh*t. I just tuned out like what I do when my mum lectures me. Do I look like I actually care about the age difference? It's just 8 months. I've dated a guy 3 years younger than me. This age difference is nothing. And to be honest, I'd rather date younger guys cause most of the older guys turn out to be douchebags.

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