Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Don't make someone a priority if they only make you an option.

I've never felt a day pass this slowly before. It just literally dragged on.

It has affected me. I've started being attached. I felt the need to text him so badly but I knew I had to do this. Be prepared. I've always been able to walk away. I'll do it again. Although it'll hurt. With tears streaming down my face, I'll walk away and never look back. No guy is ever gonna bring me down again. No guy is worth my tears. Like Michelle said I'm suppose to be single and not be going through this drama. I'm suppose to be smiling and flirting around. Having the time of my life. You only live once.

Here I am again. My vulnerability is showing. I love someone who doesn't see a future with me. I should have just drown that day.

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