Thursday, 5 July 2012

Leave your fears behind.

I really thought he had died. It was like I was in a dream or something. There was some loud banging at six in the morning. I thought it was the house next door and I was too sleepy to wake up so I turned and went back to sleep. The next moment my room was flooded with light from the living room and my room light was switched on. And I saw this guy standing at the door with my mum. I was like what the hell??? I quickly pulled my nightie down cause it's short. I mean it's my room, I can sleep nude if I wanted right? But I bet he already saw my panties by then. Then the guy was like "Oh perempuan" then he looked at my room and walked off. Then my mum closed the door.

I jumped out of my bed, pulled on my hoodie and got out of my room. The first thing I saw was like at least five police officers. Then I looked at my mum and she was like "Your father". And the first thing that came to my mind was an accident. But I calmed myself down and asked her what was this about. And I found out that they were finding for him. They said that he had a weapon. But you wanna know the funny part, they said he had a weapon since 2001. Yeah you saw right. That was 11 freaking years ago and now they're finding for him. Totally typical Malaysian style. And they asked my mum all these questions but they didn't even ask me anything except that they want my IC number. I don't know whether to call that stupidity or what.

But anyway, I'm gonna call daddy later and see what's the actual story. There's definitely more than meets the eye.

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