Thursday, 5 July 2012

When I try not to cry, sometimes I think I could die. But when it comes out, I just want to shout, and scream and cry it all out.

People always say that the happiest people are always the saddest on the inside and I have to agree. I always smile and try to make others happy when I'm hurting on the inside. And sometimes I really wish I could jump off my balcony. I'm not suicidal or anything but it's just that the pains get unbearable after awhile. And you just feel like no ones really there. When someone needs help, I always try my best to help cause I know what its like to feel alone. To have no one to turn to. I mean I get irritated with some of them in the process but I still hang on. Hear them out at the very least. But I guess other people don't think the same way.

Mummy expects me to understand her. Cause she going through all this and stuff. I'm going through worst kay. My childhood and innocence got taken away from me but you had yours. Which kid sees their dad break the phone out of anger at the age of six? Gets slapped before they turn 9? Not many. I know there a lot of kids who have been through way worst but still. I'm still known as the ungrateful daughter. The one that only cares about her friends. Well guess what, one day if something happens to you, my friends are all I'll have. I don't have an siblings to turn to.

I just wish someone would just hug me and not let me go right now :'(

PS : My daddy went to the police station already. Spent two hours there. He's ok. They mixed him up with someone else. Screw them -.-"

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