Monday, 9 July 2012

We're tearing up the town cause thats just how we do ;)

Drama, drama, drama...

The only word that can describe my life right now. Haha. I mean like how much drama can a person's life actually have? Anyway, let's start with Saturday morning at 2am, Michelle broke up with her boyfriend. Like finally. I thought it was never gonna happen. It's not that I'm jealous. I'm not. Not even for a second. Maybe at the beginning yeah but not the envious kind of jealous. I just wished I had a boyfriend that proposed to me with a ring and all that. But I guess I'd rather not have all that when I see whats happening now. He's such an idiot. I would use a better word but that would drag me down to his level so screw it.

Oh thats just the beginning. Then Sofiah decided that she wants Ethan back on Sunday. She may be my bestfriend but I totally despise a person who plays with other peoples feelings. He not a toy for you to play around with. He's a human being with feelings. Yes I'm suppose to be on your side cause you're my friend but I can't. I can't take your side when I've heard him cry and weep cause he misses you. I'm the one that gets the texts. I'm the one advising him and giving him the boosts that he needs to move on. I'm not complaining. It's just that it hurts me to see him going through it again and again. And I know you're trying to do whats best for your relationship but it isn't.

Anyway, besides all that drama, I went for Sri Aman's Hari Keusahawanan and Assunta's IU Day Carnival on Saturday. It was really nice meeting up with my friends especially those I haven't seen in ages. Here are some of the pictures :)

I also went to Amcorp after that, bought a few spagetti tops and an adorable pair of pink shorts. Planing to wear it next weekend when I go swimming.

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