Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I was not kissing your lips, I was telling your lips a secret ;)

Hello Tuesday :)

Haha. Sorry feeling a lil cheeky today.
Just got back home from Midvalley. Went out with my boy and his friends. They're all just one funny geng la. Honestly, I never had this much fun when I hanged out with HR's geng. They all just acted I wasn't even there half the time. Anyway, we went to the Barbie shop. It was so funny. I dared them and Amreth even tried on one of the shades. And then we went to watch the Expendables. Thank goodness I was there or they wouldn't have been able to watch it cause it's an 18+ movie. (I know I'm not yet 18 but they count it by the year so yeah) Oh btw we had our first kiss. Hehehe. Right before the movie ended. Now thats what I call a perfect ending ;)

We ate at Carl's Junior for lunch. Shaun actually mixed some of the leftover veges with some salt and pepper. It looked good but not eatable material of course. Then we just went walking after that.

Oh and I almost forgot, I gave Bryce's his birthday presents. He couldn't wait to open it so he opened everything. That boy is so impatient. Haha. And he bought for me stuff from Singapore. A peachy pink skirt, lip gloss and purple hair clips from FOREVER 21. I honestly didn't expect anything. He told me about the clips and wristband on the phone so I only expected that. He's such a sweetheart. Oh yeah we have matching wristbands now. Hehe. Although his one looks better but I don't care I still love it. And I love him :D

Anyway thats all for now. Going to go dreams about him now. Nights lovelies. Xoxo.

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