Monday, 27 August 2012


This is the main reason I don't tell you everything. You only think I do. Cause everything I tell you comes back at me. It's always gonna be about you. You're the one that's hurt. You're the one that everyone needs to pity. I'm just the child. I'm emotionless right? I didn't have shit happen in front of my face right? Well, think again cause I'm with the bruises. It's scarred me for life. I don't trust guys. I'd rather die than get married. You already lived your life. Mine is just starting. Why do you have to ruin it? I'm 18 for heaven's sake. I'm not 8.

And coming back at 7 is fucking late? And my friends don't care about my safely? Who the fuck are you to judge? If you cared so must you wouldn't be hurting me like this. Just do me a freaking favour and get a fucking life. FYI I don't care what you think. He's still my father. I will ssee him whenever I want!

PS : Sorry for the language. The blood pressure is boiling right now.

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