Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cause baby, I loved you from the start

You were asking me how to cover up? How to move on? You don't. You just learn to live without that person. You think of everyday as an accomplishment. Another day without that person. But every once in awhile, you will suddenly be reminded. A song, a gesture or even a photo. That those moments did exist. You guys did exist. And that is something that no one can take away or erase. And sometimes you might even relive those moments in your head. The way it felt when he held you to his chest to assure you that everything was going to alright. When he wiped away your tears and promised that he'll be there no matter what. Leaning on his shoulder while you guys are watching a movie. Feeling like you held the world when you held his hand. Yes it'll hurt like hell. Like this pain in your chest that just won't go away. You'll even cry yourself to sleep sometimes cause it's just too much to bare.

But you wanna know what hurts the most? Deep down inside you know you let him go. And thats what kills you silently. There's nothing you can do to take back what you did.

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