Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I'll start off by saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And let's just say it will be a very memorable one too. I don't care who reads this. All I can say is what happened today has changed my perspective on a lot of things. It has change my attitude towards some people too. Yes, they are older than me so I'll give them the due respect but thats where it ends. I'm not gonna be the same girl that you once knew. I'm done being nice cause that definitely hasn't gotten me anywhere.
I remember two years ago when my mum started working here. I remember the first time I walked into the office after my tuition class. I liked the environment. I also liked the people who were so friendly and always seem to be smiling. And the one thing I will always remember was telling my mum that I was gonna work there one day after I completed my diploma or degree. And then after two months of screwing around after SPM, my mum asked me whether I was interested in a job at her office. Since I still wasn't sure on what to do, why don't I go for an interview and see where that leads me? So I did and I got my dream job. I worked my butt off but also sidetracked and screwed up a few times. After the 4 months of probation, I got a promotion and a higher salary.
If you think this was gonna be my happy ever after, think again. I told my mum once that I'm gonna stay on and make my future here but things have changed. It's not fair. I take everything that was said with an open mind but not my dressing. I'm 18 not 28. But since it's considered inappropriate then so be it. I dress better than half the girls. I've seen them wearing mini skirts and spaghetti tops but no one has seen me wearing that. And even if I do, it would be with a jacket on top and leggings or stockings on the inside. I only wear what I see others wearing. I've never worked before so I never knew how to dress till I came here.
It's like suddenly I feel like I'm working in a firm. And I'm not happy anymore. I use to love waking up every morning to go work. But now I dread it. It's sad when I think about cause I really wanted to work here for a long time. I guess this journey has been cut short :(

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