Friday, 22 November 2013

Live it up and drink it down.

So it's a month till my birthday and I decided to start blogging again. More like start a new blog I guess. I don't even know why I'm starting this. Maybe it's cause I miss writing. Writing what I actually feel scares me to be honest. Basically I scare myself. Haha. I just want to be raw and natural. The real me. Everyone just wants to shape me into something I'm not. I'm just trying to find my true identity. And I want to record every moment of it :)

It's like I'm having an epihany. I'm gonna be turning 19. My last teen birthday and where exactly am I in life? Nowhere. Barely even began living it. All I ever do is look forward to the future but what about now? What if tomorrow never comes? Like how many lives have I made an impact on? The clothes that I wore and the places that I partied wouldn't even matter. Some people would say I'm being paranoid but I'm not honestly. I'm just stating the reality which most people ignore.

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