Friday, 21 November 2014

I’ll tell you what they’ll say. They’ll say that if they were in your situation they would do things differently, react differently. They’ll tell you how to run your life and your situations. They’ll bring you down and screw you over with negative thoughts on how you’re not doing anything right. But what they don’t realize is while they’re pointing their finger at you and giving their opinions over matters that don’t concern them, their lives are in a mess. They can’t handle their own situations but they want to handle yours because maybe, just maybe, they’ll have control over something while their world is spiraling out of control.

There are reasons why we’re given out situations. It forms us and makes us grow into something semi human I guess. But dictating another person’s life is not and never will be our purpose. Opinions and thoughts are always a good thing as it makes people think about other options to a situation.

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