Saturday, 28 November 2015

Doubts? You don't know the meaning of that word!

Do you know how many nights I have gone to sleep crying my eyes out until my pillows and blanket and whatever was on my bed that could soak tears was soaked? Yeah I didn't think you would since you spent all that time in dreamland while I tossed and turned the night away because of you lies and ego. When did you ever put me first in your life decisions? It was always about you and your dreams. I was always the one left with our dreams because God forbid you were my priority. Yes you are planning for our future but what about now? You are living for a tomorrow that is not even promised. I could just go to sleep tonight and never wake up. Where would our future be then?

And now you come to me saying you have doubts about a relationship that is not even your priority? Like wow talk about a slap on the face, I think even that would have hurt less. You're the one making the stupid decisions and dragging me along for it but you're the one with the doubts? Falling for another girl when your girlfriend is here thinking about you and finding ways to spend time with you isn't enough? Or texting other girls and going for dinner with them while your girlfriend entertains your family and deals with their judgments? Even getting a slap couldn't make you tell the truth when everyone else was telling your girlfriend she was being deceived.

You were never afraid of losing and you never will be. I'm just waiting for that one day when I have finally had enough and decide to pack up and walk away. Trust me when that day comes there will be no turning back. So yeah you have doubts? I really wonder why cause the last time I checked I never gave you a reason to have doubts.

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