Sunday, 22 November 2015

The last goodbye

Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity killed me. Not like I died or anything. I am very much alive right now. Officially removed you from my life today. No more seeing things I do not want to see. Do not need to see. I cannot say it did not hurt. I cannot lie to myself. To see the add friend button, deja vu much. You have removed me so I guess it was time I did the same. Not for you but for me. There are still mixed feelings but it's only the fact of losing someone who had such an impact on my life. Someone who made me feel again, trust me I hate you for that but still you will probably always be my kryptonite. But then again, there was someone else before you and I got over him so if that is possible, I will probably get over you too someday. Even if I have to listen to every breakup song in the history of break up songs.

With all that being said, I know you will probably never read this but inspired by Miley Cyrus 7 things I would like to thank you for everything - good or bad because they helped shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for giving me the closure I needed the last time we hanged out, you do not know how bad I needed it. It made me realized we were both not ready for something so special in our lives and that's okay because it prepared us for the special people in our lives now. Thank you for just paying for everything, it made me realize how a girl should be treated every once in awhile. Thank you for letting me win at pool even though we both know you are the better player, it reminded me of why I feel in love with you from the start. Thank you for not smoking in the car because you know how much I hate the smell, it is nice to know that you still remember some of my pet peeves. Last but not the least, thank you for opening up to me about whatever happened in the past - the tears and laughter, you made me realize that I was not the only one that was hurting, we were both wounded.

Maybe everything you said that night was not true but I would give it the benefit of the doubt. We had 26 days and so many memories that I will probably never forget but knowing that my heart doesn't ache anymore is that best feeling ever trust me. I'm finally closing this chapter that was way overdue with a sense of completeness. Thanks for the memories. Bluek.

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