Thursday, 29 March 2012

If we could sell our experiences for what they costs us, we'd all be millionaires

Today was bad. I mean, not super bad. Just bad enough to make it bad. But I'm not blaming anyone. It was my fault for not paying attention and doing my work properly. I hope my work is improving though. Don't wanna ruin my mum's good reputation and stuff. And a special shout out to Sifu, Mangkuk, Meow, Friday and Pink. You guys really cheered me up. Gonna miss you all when we go into our different shifts later :')

Anyway, I wanted to talk about experiences today. Everything from the good, bad and in between. It's kinda related to what I was saying yesterday about regrets and stuff. As usual, I was inspired by one of my buddies but I shall not say her name cause this suppose to only be between us so yeah. She was talking about being pure and how far can we actually go in a relationship since we are Christians and stuff. And I was advising her based on my own experiences and the experiences of my friends who have shared their stories with me. Basically for me, no matter what religion, ethnic or race you are, male or female, purity is super important. I mean, think about it. How would you feel if your future husband or wife had sex with someone else before they married you? Not a very nice feeling right?

Besides that, purity keeps us sane in a way. Maybe some people just love doing it or are addicted to it but are those few moments of pleasure really worth it? I know a lot of people who are filled with regret after they lost their virginity. Do you really want to be one of those people? And don't give me that bullshit about peer pressure. It is and always will be your choice. I had a boyfriend who was with me for two years and he told me it was either sex or the end of our relationship. And I chose the latter. Even though I loved him. I felt really hurt but I knew God has so much more plans for me. Why waste something so precious on someone who might not even love you? Cause if that person does, he or she will wait till you guys are official married. What's so wrong with waiting? For me personally, I find waiting is one of the best things in life. Makes that thing that you're waiting for so much more worth while :)

And to all those who have already lost it, God still loves you. Just remember to put God first in whatever you do. He will guide you on the right path. There's no reason to end your life or do something stupid. Just take it as an experience. And remember with experience comes wisdom ;)

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