Monday, 21 May 2012

It's mandatory to grow old but it's optional to grow up :)

Monday again. Can't get any better. I woke up late. Haha. No surprise there. Just couldn't sleep last night. Then Mummy got worried cause Granny didn't switch on her phone. We had to go home during lunch. And then Granny blamed me. I think if I was a cartoon character you would have seen smoke coming out of my ears literally. I was just so totally pissed. But I just didn't say anything and walked off. I need to move out la. It's killing me to stay there. Anyway, after checking Granny's phone which was actually fine and in perfect condition, we headed back to the office. I packed some food from the mamak, bought guava and sundae cone from McD to cool myself off. As I headed back into the building he texted. Haha. He could cool me off with just one text. OMG. So irritating. But that's why I love him.

Anyway, updates on my weekend. Was too high yesterday to post about anything but him. Haha. Saturday was ok. Went for the outreach with the bible group. Miss them la. So sad that they stopped the meetings on Saturdays. Anyway KN was there. Talk about spoiling my mood. I played bingo for the first time. Got full house. Hehe. I was the baby in the group btw. The youngest. But I got pampered so it's cool. We had nasi lemak with prawn sambal and chicken rendang for lunch. I was serving the kacang. A few went into my mouth at the same time. Delicious. Mmmmm. Then we headed over to the lake to see the goats, turkeys and chicken. The goats were so adorable. We headed back after that. Daddy met up with me before going to work. Made plans to go for dinner. Then I went home and watched Milenge Milenge. Shahid Kapoor!!! *drools* He's just so yummy. Haha. Daddy picked me up at 6 and we went for Bak Kut Teh. Then headed home. Texted him as usual and finally went to sleep.

Then came Sunday. My favourite day of the week. Hehe. I had Magnum ice cream. Oh yeah.So yummy. Walked with Keith and Luke to class. He was already waiting there. Hehe. And then Keith was like “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today...” Lol. Funny fella. And then went to class. I was disturbing Kevin and Jonathan. Haha. Ivan was telling me to grow up. Haha. Not gonna happen anytime soon. Kevin realised I was wearing make up. I didn't know he was so observant. I don't think someone else realised though. Typical guy. Haha. After class I saw Debbie and scared the shit out of her. Haha. I miss hanging out with the Awesome Four every sunday. Then I headed over to old town. Had early lunch. Then Michelle called. She's having so much fun at NS. I'm so happy for her. Oh yeah Rayan also texted me. He's planing to surprise everyone at the office when he comes back during the break. Can't wait to see him. No one to kacau at the office anymore. Granny bought for me a new pair of shoes. And we bumped into Uncle Gilbert and Aunty Linda so they dropped us back home.

Instead of taking my afternoon napped, ended up on facebook. Broadband was being a real b*tch. I read through all our old messages. That first time he spoke to me last year and how close we are now. Awesome sh*t. Haha. We texted until late and then he called cause his parents were out. We talked, crapped and banged each other. It's was so funny. We talked till our phone batteries died. Haha. Then we ended with saying I love you to each other. Perfect way to end the weekend :)

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