Monday, 15 October 2012

If Monday had a face, I would punch it :P

Start of the week again. Haha. I'm having the monday blues after my weekend. I bought 4 new dresses. Yes I am that crazy. Super crazy drop dead shopaholic. The best part is I ain't afraid to admit it. Hehehe. Oh btw they were having a Guardian sale at Amcorp so all the makeup and lots of other stuff are on sale. It's going to be on till next weekend so hurry there to grab whatever you want. I bought some stuff for mummy and grandma. Oh I totally forgot I FOUND MY PROM DRESS. And it only cost RM100. I can't freaking believe it. And it's like super long like floor length. One shoulder with a bit of bling on the left side of the waist. And it's from England. Haha. I feel like royalty right now. Oh sad news is I didn't get it. So damn freaking dumb of me.

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