Friday, 12 October 2012

If you can't be better then your competition, just dress better :)

Right now for me it's all about the looks. I know the looks never really matter but I want to build myself up. It never hurts to look good. To have that extra wow. It's like a confidence booster. I don't know why but it's just me. I've always liked dressing up and all. I want people to be afraid of losing me instead of me always caring. It's time I grow up and show them I'm not a little kid anymore. And maybe, just maybe turn his head around to what he lost. Total ego booster. Hehehe. I'm so mean.

On the other hand, to all those people who judge me from what I post on my blog, saying that I'm an ungrateful daughter and all that sh*t, FYI I don't live to please you. Try walking in my shoes for a day and see all the pain that is hidden behind my smile. Maybe then you'll understand but otherwise shut your mouth :)

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