Wednesday, 13 May 2015

"You've changed" No shit, that's life.

Just standing there and looking at the lake earlier, I just realized you would never understand how I feel. You would never understand how it feels like that someone else is getting my attention. I think if you had know me before when I was close to him then maybe you would understand. To have another person understand me so much and complete my sarcasm. And not forgetting the chemistry which everyone else besides me seemed to notice. That's what you get from years of friendship not just an overnight closeness to someone you just met.

I miss him and I miss them. Like how all of us were. The crazy stuff and all. When we were inseparable. I just never thought things would change but it did and I'm still dealing with the aftermath. Like how can you go for years of knowing someone to just becoming a complete stranger? I still find it strange, like I'm just going to wake up one day and everything is going to be okay. Which is not possible in any way but a person can dream. Hahah.

All I know is that life goes on. We all crossed paths for a reason but those paths have gone parallel. But I'm ever grateful for whatever path we had together :)

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