Saturday, 3 October 2015

Material girl in a material world?

I believe that everyone has a right to their own personal opinion and I honestly love to hear people’s opinion on whatever matter but I despise people who shove and force their opinion on me, especially people who I don’t know. I’m an introvert so I find it hard to just voice my opinion to people who I don’t know, even when I know a person for years I take awhile to state my opinion.

So to cut to the chase, a guy told me that all guys will put their car first before their girlfriends. And this guy who told me this even went further to say that when his previous girlfriend confronted him because he had a problem with her eating in his car and asked him to choose between the car and her, he gladly choose his car. I was baffled beyond words when I heard this. I’ve read about how guys worship their cars and I have my fair share of close guy friends who are car freaks, including my boyfriend but none of them would choose their car over their family and friends. Like you’re choosing this material thing over a person that’s supposed to be your other half? No wonder you are still single man.

But that got me thinking, how many people would actually choose something materialistic over a living breathing human being? I know I used to be super obsessed with my phone that I could not go anywhere without it but after going for a week long camp without my phone, I learnt that I could live without it. A lot of people have their priorities pretty messed up though. It is sad because they are showing love to things instead of people so their love can never be returned.

The perfect example I would give to the guys who choose their cars over girlfriends, would be the Fast & Furious movies. Yes it is ride or die but it is ride or die for family, the people they love. Even in a movie that is all about cars, they put family first. You may say your girlfriend is not family, but why are you dating her then if not to start a family with her? You are supposed to be protecting her at all costs and that’s what families do right? People have got to stop using people and loving things, instead start loving people and using things. Get their priorities straight.

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